About HHP

HHP Associates Inc. is characterized by sound financial management, motivation and plans for business continuity. We pride ourselves in being “businessmen in sales,” not just salesmen in business. HHP provides stability, trust and confidence that enhances our relationships with customers throughout the territory. For more information, please contact us via email here.

  • HHP establishes goals for each principal and meets our objectives.
  • HHP has world class synergistic component lines.
  • HHP has one of the finest sales support teams in the industry.
  • HHP has an ongoing sales and self-development program.
  • HHP has earned respect both locally and nationally.
  • HHP works effectively with our distribution partners.
  • HHP is not dominated by any one line (largest is 13%).
  • HHP thoroughly understands the electrical component business.
  • HHP understands the passive components and electromechanical business.