Download more than 67K Positronic Power and Signal Connector CAD Files on TraceParts

Connector CAD drawings

Positronic has chosen TraceParts as its catalog publisher to publish products on, the TraceParts Publishing Network, as well as on its own website.

This is valuable to design engineers in that it makes it easier to find the exact connector needed, and feel confident adding it to their BOMs.

“Publishing the Positronic 3D product catalog on the TraceParts engineering platform provides millions of designers and engineers the ability to discover our products and select options that best fit their performance and size requirements” said Melanie Scott, Marketing Communications Manager at Positronic.

Positronic PA Series Panther connector
Positronic PA Series Connector: One of the many parts you'll find on Traceparts

Designers and engineers all over the world are now able to preview and download more than 67,000 CAD files from Positronic on the TraceParts Publishing Network.

Rob Zesch, President of TraceParts America, said, “We’re pleased to welcome Positronic to the TraceParts family, where designers can easily find the products they need, download the model in the required format and incorporate it directly into their design.”

As the local rep for Positronic, we can assist with pricing, samples or additional technical information. Please reach out to sa***@hh***.com for information.