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Low Resistance Double Layer Capacitor with -40 to +85C° – Nippon Chemi-Con

DXG Series Caps by Nippon UCC

Nippon Chemi-Con’s DXG Series electric double layer capacitors that have increased the conventional category temperature range of -40 to +70° C to -40 to +85° C.

With programs to save energy, solve environmental problems and reduce CO2 emissions accelerating, equipment using electric double layer capacitors are being developed as clean and long life storage devices. The focus is on this equipment because it is being applied in a wide range of fields, such as the leveling of loads for natural energy sources, trains which produce a large amount of regenerative energy, cranes used in harbors, heavy construction equipment and for electric storage in automobiles. 

Nippon Chemi-Con has been working on increasing the category temperature range, so that they can expand the market for these capacitors by making them more resistant to harsher temperature conditions.

The DXG Series has expanded the category range to -40 to +85° C, so that they can be used in harsher temperature conditions. This product is targeted at the automobile and other markets.

The DXG Series has a warranty of 1500 hours at a rated voltage of 2.5 V.


  • It realizes further higher power density.
  • DXG series improves the excellent low temperature characteristics, and it also supports high temperature environment (85℃).
  • Suitable for electricity storage, battery assistance, short-term backups, etc.
  • Also suitable for kinetic energy recapturing, start/stop, low temperature engine cranking application for automobile.

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