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BUD’s Extruded Aluminum IP66 PCB Enclosures Offer Beauty and Function

Extruded aluminum IP66 enclosures

One of the questions most often asked is how do these high quality enclosures offer a great combination of beauty and functionality, IP66 rating and a wide selection of sizes and colors.

The enclosure will accommodate a fitted PCB and external mounting brackets, as well as the ability to be used as a free-standing unit. With a choice of polycarbonate or aluminum die case colors, these enclosures are suitable for a wide range of applications that may require an opaque cover, clear cover, IR cover or a very durable metallic cover.

  • Seventeen sizes available
  • Designed to allow a PCB to slide in
  • Grooved exterior for faster heat removal
  • Easily modified covers and body
  • Enclosures include continuous gaskets and can be used indoors or outdoors (IP66)
  • Anodized enclosures come in a choice of five standard colors: gold, blue, red, silver and black
  • Covers are available in either colored polycarbonate plastic (UL94-V0) or black powder coated die-cast aluminum (ADC-12)
  • The exterior design of the enclosures includes a built-in 0.02in. recessed area on which a product label can be affixed and/or printed on directly
  • Specially designed exterior mounting brackets (not included # EXN-23370-MBK)


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