EDN Network: “Reduced battery self-discharge yields new power options” [Kidde C3010]

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm C3010D
Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm C3010D. This low-cost CO detector from Kidde operates for 10 years from a small non-replaceable battery, indicating that it has both low total-energy requirements along with a battery having very low self-discharge. (Source: Kidde/United Technologies Corp.)

“I recently needed to replace both a smoke detector and carbon-monoxide (CO) detector. Easy enough, but before buying, I checked out the latest battery-powered models online. Looking both there and at the store, I was struck by how many of the units are now designated as having a 10-year life and have non-replaceable batteries, such as this C3010 unit from Kidde (above). All I could think of was that things have certainly changed since those old (and now defunct) units were installed “back in the day….”

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Kidde is a pioneer in early smoke detection and fire suppression – the world’s largest manufacturer of safety products.