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EAO Corporation

HHP Associates, Inc.  is the Florida representative for EAO Switches, a global technology leader and manufacturer of Human Machine (HMI) systems and components serving the transportation, machinery, heavy duty, lifting and moving, specialty vehicle, medical and automotive markets. Intuitive development skills along with global manufacturing capabilities, worldwide supply chains, and superior project and consultation management result in complete and innovative HMI systems. HMI components include award-winning push buttons, indicators, emergency stop switches, rotary selectors, keylocks and more.

EAO Switches
We are a manufacturer's representative for EAO Switches in Florida
  • One of the world’s largest ranges of industrial HMI products
  • Variety of mounting depths, design and combination options
  • Cutting-edge materials
  • User-friendliness
  • HMI Systems for transportation, machinery, heavy duty and specialty vehicles, property management
  • Control panels and switches
  • Tailor-made functionality

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EAO E Stop

EAO – Series 84 E-Stops and Stop Switches

The intuitive Series 84 emergency stop and stop switches are particularly suitable for handheld and compact control units, where very low back panel depth is critical and where the front of panel height as well as ergonomic styling are important design factors.

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