Noritake Company

HHP Associates, Inc.  is the Florida manufacturers representative for Noritake. Noritake’s Electronics Division has been around since the invention of the vacuum fluorescent display (VFD).

In addition to extensive offerings in VFD, OLED and TFT displays, capacitive touch switches and EMI filter products, Noritake offers an expanding set of support tools for each of its product series, including software code libraries and design programs. These tools work to accelerate the evaluation and integration process to have your prototype up and running as quickly as possible.

HHP is the Florida manufacturers representative for Noritake
  • LCD touch screens, VFD display modules, character display, dot matrix graphic display, OLED display modules
  • Capacitive touch switches
  • No degradation over time
  • Complex, sharp patterns
  • Luxurious reflective surface
  • Block EMI without sacrificing transmittance
  • Standard size EMI shields for TFT modules and other displays