SL Power

Manufacturer's Representative for SL Power

HHP is the local representative for SL Power, a global leader in designing and manufacturing AC/DC power conversion solutions used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in their most mission-critical applications.

With more than 60 years of experience in the power industry, they offer OEMs superior performance with solutions that are optimized for thermal management, reliability, EMI/EMC, power density, and power efficiency.

SL Power Electronics specifically targets three primary market segments: medical, LED, and industrial.

Shown: The new TE150 family of power supplies designed for industrial apps – including test and measurement devices that enable precision. Built-in protection agains unstable environments and common mode noise minification reduce development time and cost. High quality electrolytic caps below temp and ESR rating extend the life of end equipment.

Shown: The new NGB250 designed for next-generation medical and industrial apps. At 4″x2″x1.4″, and with its high convection rating, this remarkable product outperforms the most state-of-the-art products within its class.

Shown: The new SLE Series expands SL Power’s lean line with the addition of five external power supply families from 6-36 W. Streamlined, efficient cost structure, quality and reliability.