United Chemi-Con

HHP Associates, Inc.  is the Florida representative for United Chemi-Con, a subsidiary of Nippon Chemi-Con, the largest manufacturer and supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the world with more than 8,000 unique products available and manufacturing 1B pcs. per month.

United Chemi-Con is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. Their sales, service and field engineering support throughout the country ensures customers are met with a superior level of customer service.

To suit the industry’s ever-changing needs, United Chemi-Con is continuously developing and introducing an array of new products. Additionally, their stringent, regulation-compliant environmental policy strives to minimize their – and their customers’ – carbon footprint. So we can promote advanced technology – and protect the planet.

HHP is the Florida manufacturers representative for United Chemi-Con

Excellent charge-discharge cycle life in comparison to rechargeable batteries. Wide range of products, from dozens to thousands of farads. Used in applications requiring many rapid charge/discharge cycles rather than long term compact energy storage, e.g., regenerative braking.

SMD, Metal Cap, Radial Lead Types, AEC-Q200

Due to their relatively high capacitance values aluminum electrolytic capacitors have low impedance values. They are typically used in power supplies, switched-mode power supplies and DC-DC converters for smoothing and buffering rectified DC voltages in many electronic devices as well as in industrial power supplies and frequency converters as DC link capacitors for drives, inverters for photovoltaic, and converters in wind power plants.

An alternative to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the aluminum polymer capacitor replaces liquid electrolyte with solid polymer electrolyte, yielding lower ESR and longer operating life.

These capacitors use a combination of a liquid and a conductive polymer to serve as the electrolyte and aluminum as the cathode. ESR values are higher than other polymer capacitors, but low considering the power applications they are used for.