Modular Connectors vs. Hardwiring

Modular connectors

Whether they’re designing industrial machinery or consumer devices, many engineers increasingly choose to switch from point-to-point wiring to connector-based cable assemblies. Key takeaways from the article “Modular Connectors vs. Hardwiring” are:

  • Modular connectors simplify assembly and make for a fuss-free installation.
  • Plug-and-play connectors offer flexibility; when equipment is upgraded or moved you do not need to waste time rewiring.
  • Cost savings in terms of lower installation cost, troubleshooting/maintenance, versatility, transportation cost (a modular machine can be shipped in smaller pieces).
  • Smaller footprint due to streamlined interior wiring.
  • Greater production efficiency
  • Less maintenance

The most versatile power/signal connectors on the market, our Scorpion series is available in a 14.6mm standard profile (SP) and 8.2mm slim profile (LSP). Scorpion connectors offer excellent linear current density and heat dissipation as well.

The Great Golden (GG) series is composed of extreme power connectors capable of up to 200 amps per contact. These modular connectors are designed with a fixed envelope and liberal blind mating ability.

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