Free OCP virtual summit May 12-15; “Optimizing Energy Efficiency with Advanced Connector Efficiency” May 14

Positronic Scorpion featured at OCP SummitWe are spreading the word about the virtual 2020 OCP Summit – a rich, interactive experience that is free to all attendees May 12-15. The summit features keynote sessions, executive tracks, Expo Hall talks, engineering workshops and more. Summit registration…

The summit is organized by the Open Compute Project, whose mission is to reimagine hardware, making it more efficient, flexible and scalable.

May 14 Session: “Optimizing Energy Efficiency with Advanced Connector Technologies” (12-12:20 pm)

As part of the Open Rack V3 project, OCP has been developing an open-sourced, multi-vendor solution to attach the power cord into the Open Rack V3 power shelf. This presentation will provide a detailed look at the goals, status, and specification for this connector. Register for May 14 session here…

Positronic’s Global Product Manager Natesh Kannan will present. Kannan holds a M.S. in Smart Product Design from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is Positronic’s Global Product Manager for the Power and Hybrid product line.

About Positronic

Maximizing efficiency in electrical power distribution systems starts from the component level. Positronic power connectors are built to maximize electrical efficiency by using superior materials with high conductivity and a special system at the contact interface which separates the mechanical action from the electrical action.

Positronic Scorpion connectors feature ultra-low contact interface resistance and the highest power density in the industry. When compared with similar blade connectors, the Positronic Scorpion version can save over 20kW hours of power per year, per connector.

As the Florida rep for Positronic, we can assist with pricing, samples or additional technical information. Please reach out to sa***@hh***.com for information.