Helical Offers Post-Design Flexibility

Post design flexures

You’ve already made the part, but now you need more flexibility. Helical’s application engineers can help you add engineered elasticity to your piece.

Helical made its name producing flexible U-joints, springs, and couplings. Their application engineers can also help you add flexibility to your product or part, even if you’re past the design stage and committed to a particular look and fit.

HEL-ICAL flexures can help you meet the following needs:

  • Precise torque standards
  • Misalignment capability
  • Target spring rate for compression, extension, torsion, and more!

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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for HELI-CAL. HELI-CAL’s proprietary process creates a flexure for couplings, machined springs and one piece custom solutions that integrate attachments, simplify assembly and can be accomplished in a wide range of exotic materials.