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EAO Expands Series 84

EAO illuminated pushbuttons - Series 84


EAO, a global leader for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), offers customization options and value added services to improve the versatile and functional Series 84, allowing it to satisfy the unique application needs of a variety of customers.

The Series 84 combines design and functionality in a versatile manner, offering illumination options and IP67 protection. This product range is ideal for challenging environments with high visual expectations, such as the industrial environment.

Marking capabilities that include pad printing, standard and laser engraving are available with low minimum order requirements on all Series 84 switches. Laser engraving is the most permanent and precise marking technique that allows for complex icons, precise logos, legends and detailed graphics. Customers can submit unique designs or select from EAO’s vast ISO library of industry accepted legends (per IEC 60417) such as the commonly requested “standby” and “start/stop” icons.  Additionally, EAO can add any industry accepted cable or connector to the pushbutton as specified by the customer to meet all end-user requirements. 

Illumination for the Series 84 is a highlight that makes this product series particularly attractive. LED illumination is bright and evenly disbursed across the lens with no hot spot.  Standard illumination for the pushbuttons and indicators is offered in red, yellow, green, blue or white with custom options available upon request.  

Key benefits and features of the Series 84 include:

  • Attractive design and reliable operation
  • IP67 front protection
  • Powerful, consistent illumination with innovative technologies
  • Animated illumination options for a wide variety of potential applications
  • Available with soldered, plug, PCB and flat ribbon cable terminals


Series 84

HHP Associates, Inc., a division of ESI,  is the Florida representative for EAO Switches, a global technology leader and manufacturer of Human Machine (HMI) systems and components serving the transportation, machinery, heavy duty, lifting and moving, specialty vehicle, medical and automotive markets. Intuitive development skills along with global manufacturing capabilities, worldwide supply chains, and superior project and consultation management result in complete and innovative HMI Systems. HMI components include award-winning pushbuttons, indicators, emergency stop switches, rotary selectors, keylocks and more.

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