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EAO Expands Series 84

EAO illuminated pushbuttons Series 84

EAO offers customization options and value added services to improve the versatile and functional Series 84, allowing it to satisfy the unique application needs of a variety of customers.

Should Your E-Stop “Be Fail-Safe?”

estop failsafe eao

EAO’s Series 14 indicator compact meets IP69K and IK07 requirements; its space-saving design provides reliable, high-intensity illumination with 180° visibility.

EAO’s Series 04 Weathers Extreme Temperatures

EAO’s Series 04 switches with UL certification have the ability to operate dependably within -40°C to +55°C. This extended temperature range increases Series 04 performance and reliability in extreme environments.

Quality in HMI Design with the EAO Series 04 Pushbutton

To celebrate their 100-year anniversary, Sagami Holdings remodeled its train cars and installed passenger operated windows. EAO’s Series 04 was selected with custom illumination, user-friendliness and an attractive design. See how EAO opened new windows for this project.

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