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High Tech, Small Footprint: Standex High Voltage Isolation Relays

High voltage isolation relays

Standex reed relays provide reliable, hermetically sealed contacts that meet the demands for high voltage switching and isolation.

Whether we are talking about protecting personal safety or sensitive circuitry, Standex Electronics offers high voltage isolation relays that not only offer excellent high isolation characteristics but can also operate reliably over a wide temperature range, and represents an economical way to carry out billions of switching operations. Their high isolation reed relay series integrate high technology packed into a small footprint. They provide high voltage isolation protection in ATE (Automated Test Equipment), Medical Equipment, Alternative Energy, and Electric Vehicles & Battery Management systems.

High Isolation Applications
  • ATE/Test & Measurement -Insulation Testers, DMM & Oscilloscopes, Semiconductor Testers, Multiplexer/Matrix Switches, Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)
  • Alternative Energy -Solar Inverters, Power Distribution
  • Medical Equipment -Surgical Generators, Automated External Defibrillators, Isolation Monitoring, Ultrasound Probe Testers
  • Electric Vehicles & Battery Management-Battery Isolation Systems, Power Inverters, Battery Conditioning

KT Reed Relay Series

For instance, the KT Reed Relay series has an insulation resistance at >= 10E+13Ω, measures just 8mm x 10mm x 30mm, and is available in a through-hole (THT) or surface mount design (SMD).  Furthermore, this high voltage reed relay is capable of switching up to 1kVDC, breakdown voltage of 4.2kVDC, and isolation voltage to 7kVDC.

Additional features include its innovative design with no internal solder joints and ability to meet minimum creepage distance requirements as outlined by the IEC standard. A typical alternative energy application includes measuring isolation resistance across several components within a solar system prior to grid connection preventing injury or further current leakages.

SHV Reed Relay Series

The SHV reed relay series is a single in-line and high voltage relay or instrumentation grade reed relay supplied in a molded housing, capable of switching up to 1kVDC and can dielectrically hold off up to 4kVDC across the contacts as well as between contacts and coil. This high voltage reed relay series features an insulation resistance >5 x 10^12 Ω and utilizes minimum PCB area, at only 50% compared to our DIP and DIL reed relay series. It is even smaller than the former potted SIL-HV Reed Relay.

The SHV reed relay series was designed primarily for use in automatic test systems, testing high power MOS-FETs. These rugged semi conductors have very high initial peak current capability. Having a reed relay that can carry high current pulses for hundreds of millions of operations is a critical requirement. This relay series can carry up to 5 amps for up to 50 milli-second at a consistent repetition rate. The relays have standard internal magnetic shields for close stacking matrices.

SHV Series Reed Relays
SHV Series Reed Relays

HHP is honored to represent Standex Electronics in Florida. Standex is a global manufacturer of fluid sensors and floats, reed switches, relays and optocouplers, and reed sensors and magnets.

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