Low Cost and Lots of Options – Electroswitch’s C4 Enclosed Frame Rotary Switch

Electroswitch C4 Rotary Switch

The C4 Series provides a versatile, fully enclosed design, that helps keep dirt and moisture out of the contact area while locking in life time lubricants. IP67 Rating Available.


Current and Voltage Rating: Make and break resistive load 0.5 amp @ 28 VDC; 0.3 amp @ 125 VAC.
Current Carrying Capacity: 15 amps.
Dielectric Strength: 1,000 VAC between current carrying parts and ground.
Contact Resistance: Average initial 3 milliohms.
Insulation Resistance: In excess of 10,000 megohms.

Materials and Finishes: All parts utilize non-corrosive materials as standard.
Terminals and Contacts: Brass with silver plate as standard.
Insulation: Diallyl phthalate.
Index: Dual-ball, hill and valley.
Index Life: 25,000 cycles minimum.
Index Torque: Switches have lowest practical torque consistent with crisp detenting and smooth, reliable operation.
Index Angles: 30° standard, 36°, 45°, 60°, and 90° available.
Index Stops: Fixed standard, adjustable or continuous available.
Stop Strength: 15 in. lbs. minimum.

Hardware: Mounting nut and lockwasher are shipped assembled.

C4 options

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