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New LiFeP04 Battery Ideal for Higher Capacity, Lighter, More Mobile Applications

At only 40% of the weight of equivalent lead acid batteries, the PSL’s range is for applications that need to be lighter and more mobile but deliver the same power, such as medical cart batteries.

Power Sonic has just announced the addition of the PSL-12500, which expands its high performance LiFEP04 PSL Series with a battery that is lighter in weight with higher capacity, and fits in the same footprint and is backwards-compatible with existing PSL-12450E applications.
In addition, the PSL-12500’s circuitry lowers board temperature and increases reliability. The addition of pre-charge circuitry increases compatibility with power supplies and improves protection of reverse-charging.
Power Sonic battery
solar power led board application

Lithium Cells – A New Addition to PSL Family

Lithium cells are also new to the PSL family and feature a stocking position on seven of the most popular cells with additional offerings available. The portfolio includes a mix of prismatic and cylindrical cells and power and energy cells. As building blocks to lithium batteries, these rechargeable lithium cells can also be used standalone in apps where smaller capacities and voltages are required.

“Power Sonic’s manufacturing process is very automated, which yields less variability between individual cells and batch runs,” says Stephen Harmon, Director of North American Sales at Power Sonic. “This makes matching and balancing of cells easier, faster, and increases the lifespan of a pack built using our cells.”

They offer seven cells – three prismatic (energy cells with 25AH, 50AH and 100AH capacities) and four cylindrical cells (two energy cells, two power cells with smaller capacities). All are LiFeP04 and have a nominal voltage of 3.2V.

The New PSL-FP Lithium Cell Offering


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