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Taking It on the Road with SUNON

SUNON - Reliable Cooling for Automotive Electronics

Poor cooling designs seriously jeopardize your electronics’ reliability, safety, and durability. They also lead to noise and vibration; affecting both your bottom line and customer satisfaction.

In this information age, autotronics have become a defining feature of the car, and as products diversify, automotive designers must allow cutting-edge products to produce peak performance within increasingly cramped, enclosed spaces. Demands must also be met for safety, quietness, comfort, energy saving, and so on.

SUNON’s unique DR MagLev dust-resistant magnetic levitation fan technology features the best in safety, reliability, and efficiency, having passed rigorous testing including acid tolerance tests, the GR487 salt spray test, and 1000 desert area tests.

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We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for SUNON. Today SUNON has become the best thermal solution provider for clients across various industries, such as IT, automobile electronics, optical electronics, and network communication, claiming global shares of 26% and 19% respectively in the markets of projectors and notebook computers.

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