Sunon Blowers for UVC Germicidal Systems

Sunon knows the science behind the use of UV lighting germicidal systems. It is about UV light intensity and airflow so design is key here. In any UVC germicidal system the function is to pass and disinfect air.

Sunon’s state of the art blowers are specifically to be used in UVC germicidal systems. They are designed for safe, enclosed systems to move and disinfect air and provide the highest air flow in such a compact size. Blowers have optimal housing design, optimal blade design, multiple speed selections controlled by voltage or PWM, smart control, remote control capability, and are UL and Star certified.

UVB Series


uvb s


uvb m2


uvb m2

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for SUNON. Today SUNON has become the best thermal solution provider for clients across various industries, such as IT, automobile electronics, optical electronics, and network communication, claiming global shares of 26% and 19% respectively in the markets of projectors and notebook computers.