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Battery Solutions for Renewable Energy

Battery Solutions for Renewable Energy

Power Sonic’s high cycling performance batteries allow renewable energy to be stored at times of low demand and then released into the grid when demand is at its peak.

A Guide to SLA Battery Construction

SLA battery construction

The sealed lead acid battery is the most commonly used type of storage battery and is well known for its various applications including UPS, automotive, medical devices and telecommunications.

Battery Solutions for the Medical Industry

batteries for medical industry

Power Sonic has a proven track record of delivering quality batteries and battery chargers for a diverse range of medical applications including digital imaging, patient monitoring, medical carts and surgical devices.

LiFeP04 Battery Series for Reliable Power

reliable lifep04 batteries

Power Sonic’s comprehensive range of LiFeP04 batteries are the ideal solution to very demanding applications that require a light-weight, higher capacity battery.

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