New All-in-One IP66 Enclosure with Clear Cover Window

Bud Industries’ new AIO All-in-One IP66 enclosure is a sturdy enclosure with dual doors, including a preinstalled large clear door and plastic mounting panel. The body is made of gray ABS (PC under development). It is suitable for indoor use, but has a continuous gasket on both the clear and main door and meets the IP66 test.

Applications include:

  • Control boxes
  • WIFI and radio housing
  • Access controls
  • Facilities with wash down requirements
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Corrosive environments
  • General factory environments

There are two sizes in this series and most of the products are already in stock. 

Other new product introductions include a more expansive selection of the popular PTQ series, a polycarbonate/fiberglass blended series that is IP67. Fifteen new opaque lid sizes and 13 new clear lid sizes are now available.

The new PN-A series is IP68 version of the PN series of plastic NEMA enclosures, also available with molded mounting brackets.


We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Bud Industries, the best known electronics enclosure manufacturer in the United States. 19 inch cabinets, NEMA boxes, IP65/IP66/IP67 enclosures, communications cabinets, small metal enclosures and accessories.