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How to choose an electronics enclosure

Shown: EXN Series extruded aluminum enclosure with plastic cover allows for slide-in PCB; NBE Series plastic NEMA enclosure with clear polycarbonate door

We are often asked how to choose the best electronic enclosure for an application given that there are so many options.  This is especially true given that many engineers have not spent much time on the intricacies of electronic enclosures with most of their focus on technology of the internal components to complete their project.  While it may seem simple just to pick out a box, the many options can create anxiety for even the most experienced specifier.

The article “Choose the Best Electronic Enclosure for Your Application” discusses the following criteria to help engineers specify the correct enclosure:

  • Sizing for components
  • Enclosure materials for your application
  • Environmental considerations
  • Enclosure features and accessories
  • Support for enclosure modification
  • Cost and lead time


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