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PC Multi-Board Din Rail Mount Box Now Available

Din Rail Multi Board Box
Bud’s Din Rail Multi-Board enclosure allows up to
three boards and makes your connections quick and easy

Bud Industries has a unique solution to mounting your PC boards on a din rail box.  The new Din Rail Multi-Board Box is created for rapid assembly and multiple uses, creating the perfect flexible enclosure for an endless number of applications.

Helping to ease your assembly process, the unit requires no fasteners, with all components snapping together.  It accepts up to 3 PCB’s, each of which can snap into place.  The process is easy.  First, you flip the box over and then you can snap in your smallest board near the top.  Once that is secure, you can then insert the middle size board, and finally your largest board is secured by the snap-on base.  There is plenty of space between each level to allow for the components that are mounted on the board.  To make your design job easier, there is even a PC board (optional) available that will perfectly fit this enclosure. The unit also has a cover on the top to protect your smallest board.  A great plus is that you can buy an accessory cover made out of either IR plastic or clear plastic.  The standard is opaque.

Also equipped to manage small terminal blocks, the quickly removable terminal block covers have snap-off “teeth” to provide access to the terminals as well as pop-out circular wire access.  Extra covers can be purchased as an accessory.

The Din Rail Multi-Board Box is available in five standard sizes; the unit then has the normal din rail mount provisions to mount on a 35mm rail.  Din rail mounting clips are also a typical accessory.  It is made from and ABS/PC blend that meets UL94V-0 flammability requirements.

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Bud Industries, the best known electronics enclosure manufacturer in the United States. 19 inch cabinets, NEMA boxes, IP65/IP66/IP67 enclosures, communications cabinets, small metal enclosures and accessories.

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