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Bud’s EXN Series – IP66 Electronic Enclosures with Great Style

A value-priced extruded aluminum enclosure with great looks as well.

Often an engineer has to choose between strong protection and strong visuals when selecting IP66 electronic enclosures.  The nature of the protection and required gasketing often restrict the style of the box, impacting the marketability of the end product.  That industrial look that typifies both NEMA and IP rated enclosures can be a challenge for the marketing of any product.  Bud’s EXN series is the perfect combination of protection and great looks as well as ease of pcb assembly.

The EXN is made from aluminum extrusions and is full of great features.  It has internal grooves that allow for the slide in mounting of the pcb as well as other components, reducing the need to drill holes for installation.  This also eliminates the need for extra gasketing.

Note that there are optional pcb’s specifically designed for each size box.   Further, it comes with removable die cast or polycarbonate end panels that can be readily modified for readouts and displays as a part of Bud’s 5 day modification program.  Wall or equipment mounting is easy with the optional mounting brackets.  The external grooves are perfect for heat dissipation although these boxes can also be used with Bud’s new IP68 rated vents.

The visuals are the best feature, with the box being available in gold, red, blue, silver or black with matching panels.  Their smooth surface also allow for easy digital printing on either the top of the box or the panels.

The IP66 electronic enclosures series is also NEMA 4 rated and comes in 17 different sizes, each with the 5 color options.  The sizes range from 2.70 x 1.39 x 1.93 inches to 6.99 x 2.41 x 8.23 inches.

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Bud Industries, the best known electronics enclosure manufacturer in the United States. 19 inch cabinets, NEMA boxes, IP65/IP66/IP67 enclosures, communications cabinets, small metal enclosures and accessories.

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