Bud Die-Cast Electronic Enclosures Drive Transportation Industry

aluminum enclosures for electronics in transportation industry

Word from Bud…

Bud Industries has been producing die cast aluminum electronic enclosures for nearly 50 of its 91 years and its applications have multiplied over that time. Originally, die cast boxes were used only for hobbyists or very simple testing applications. As the demand for electronic enclosures in more hazardous environments has increased, it is now typical to see die cast enclosures in virtually any industry.

One of most successful die cast enclosure markets is transportation. People often think of transportation as only automotive related, perhaps used on the car. Once that was the case, but today, the applications range from automotive after-market to trains, trucking and even aviation. Bud has the broad product line of die cast boxes to meet nearly every application.

Our best success in automobile industry is in products that support the car. Our die cast electronic enclosures are used in electric vehicle charging stations where their durability makes a difference. The NEMA/IP rating on most of our die cast boxes makes them perfect for vehicle tracking, navigation controls, and even for after-market modifications for emergency vehicles. In trucking, they are used additionally for fuel efficiency tracking, driver quality measurement systems, and maintenance tracking.

This moves us into trains. Much as in automotives, an interesting application is automating and controlling rail switching to ensure the right trains go through in the proper sequence. Other rail applications have included automated data transmission to the cloud, engine tracking and testing, as well as many of the same uses as in automotive.

How has the die cast electronic enclosure become so ubiquitous in the transportation industry? It offers a high level of protection, up to IP68 which means it can even be submersible at an exceptionally low price. The nature of the die cast itself makes it a hearty enclosure that is virtually impossible to crack or dent.


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