Wall Mount Cabinet Offers Three Section Flexibility at a Value Price

Word from BUD Industries…

Bud three section enclosure

Bud’s Emperor Series wall mount cabinet is a high style high feature enclosure that provides three section flexibility at a value price. Six sizes available.

Design Features

  • Sturdy and durable steel construction. Mounting rails – 18 ga., other parts 20 ga.
  • Furnished completely assembled with tempered glass front door and removable sides.
  • EIA 310 compliant for 19″ mount equipment.
  • Two pairs of fully adjustable panel mounting rails are included in the center section. One fixed pair of mounting rails is included in the rear section.
  • One ventilated shelf provided.
  • Includes two fans installed in the top of the center section.
  • Slots with readily removable covers are provided in the top and bottom of the rear section for easy cable installation.
  • Sides are readily removable but come with key lock and with ventilation at top and bottom of cabinet.
  • Four mounting slots provided in rear unit for rapid wall mounting.
  • Cabinet can be mounted to rear section hinged left or right.
  • Front door can be hinged left or right.
  • Other sizes and modifications are available upon request.


Sizes and drawings…

We are honored to serve as a manufacturer’s rep for Bud Industries, the best known electronics enclosure manufacturer in the United States. 19 inch cabinets, NEMA boxes, IP65/IP66/IP67 enclosures, communications cabinets, small metal enclosures and accessories.